Artesia Soft Water Service
and The Water Shoppe
We offer purified drinking water.    

      Serving South Eastern New Mexico
Since 1947
           "Quality without Compromise and the         
   assurance that we will be here tomorrow"

What is the first thing that comes
to mind when you think about water?

Flavor and taste? Temperature? How about color or clarity?

Do you even think at all about the water you drink?

Your friends at Artesia Soft Water Service think of it every day.
Water is not only our business
it is your life!

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Salt and Service Department 

  Now carrying a complete line of pool and spa supplies

Not only do we distribute the best tasting bottled water in the region, we are the leading source in South Eastern New Mexico for state of the art water purification systems, equipment, parts, sales, and service. 

Do you only need repair?  Even if the brand you own isn't in our current line, our technicians can repair or give maintenance on most leading brands industry wide.  Just give us a call!



Give Us a Week and You'll Taste the Difference!

 Water Bottle Products  Water Bottle Products  Water Bottle Products

We have one mission at Artesia Soft Water Service and The Water Shoppe, "Qualtiy without compromise and the assurance that we will be here tomorrow."

We stand behind our service and our products because it is the right thing to do. When quality counts you can count on us! Not only to do it right, but to do it right the first time.

We offer stands and conditioners for our bottled water.

Water and Salt Delivery Available within a 55-Mile Radius
5 Gallon Containers • All Sizes Available


Water Sampling
Water sampling is performed monthly by a certified lab to ensure optimum quality. In addition, Artesia Soft Water Service and The Water Shoppe tests their products daily to maintain the highest consistency and quality.

Water Containers and Stands Available
Sales and Rentals for  • Dispensers, 

Residental Reverse Osmosis Units for sale and filters are in stock.  

Water Conditioners 
From the smallest to the largest application
using Pentair products and regulators exclusively
we can size one to fit your needs.

Don't be fooled by the big box stores.

One Size water conditioner doesn't fit just any application any more than one size clothing fits everyone.

Sizing a unit to your individual needs can be a big savings in the long run.

By sizing one to your needs you save money on operating costs. The difference will amaze you!

Contact us today for top quality service, a new water conditoner, repair on your purifier, or Bottled Water and we promise that you will be glad you did!

Mention this Web Site and
receive a refill of 5 gallons FREE!

Hours of Operation:
8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.

Look at the world and how water makes up two thirds of  it. It started out  clean and refreshing. Shouldn't it still be that way?  We make the world a cleaner place by first cleaning the water. The rest is up to you.